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USD $250,000

Please note that these securities are offered to only a select few investors on a private basis. This offer is not available to the general public. If you wish to know more or get involved, please log-in or contact us and we will be happy to walk you through any of the details.

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ForestFoods (est. 2021 and registered as an LLC in Delaware, USA) is a novel premium agricultural product brand based in East Africa that uses regenerative agroforestry to grow produce, livestock, eco-timber and charcoal, while addressing worldwide dilemmas such as climate change, poor job security for farmers and shortages of nutrient dense food. Using a scalable and profitable practice called syntropic agroforestry, ForestFoods combines the growing of numerous different crops, pasture, livestock and trees in the same modular areas of land to maintain biodiversity, restore forest cover and deliver a beyond organic quality of produce.

ForestFoods plans to incorporate local landowners and farmers as production partners to develop the first regenerative outgrower system in East Africa. Utilizing independent production sites that follow the ForestFoods methodology will guarantee the quality, consistency, and transparency of the ForestFoods produce as well as allow the Company to achieve maximum scale and impact.