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USD 600,000

Please note that these securities are offered to only a select few investors on a private basis. This offer is not available to the general public. If you wish to know more or get involved, please log-in or contact us and we will be happy to walk you through any of the details.

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Pumapa Capital is a Kenya-based, locally owned global impact investment firm established in 2018. We inject capital into new and growing Kenyan and international private companies alike, supporting change-makers who are seeking to created greater prosperity for all.  We were founded on the basis that there is limited access to transparent and secure investment opportunities for people in Kenya. Where they exist, information on these opportunities is not readily available and investment requirements can be restrictive for private investors.

In recent years, land and property prices in Kenya have also increased exponentially, making it difficult for average investors to get involved in real estate, which has typically been a popular avenue for wealth creation. Other available opportunities that demonstrate high returns often fail to adequately consider important issues such as society & human rights, the environment and good governance practices.

Pumapa continually seeks to and has responded to these challenges by serving as a bridge to investments that people otherwise could not access. We therefore offer exciting and dynamic investment opportunities and products to investors that help them achieve their financial goals while also investing in "Growth that Matters".