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Traditionally, private markets, encompassing venture capital and private equity, have been out of reach for most individual investors. High minimum investment amounts, complex deal structures and limited access to information create a barrier to entry. However, a revolution is brewing. The democratization of private markets are converging to unlock these opportunities to a wider audience. Pumapa is leading a digital revolution in African investment.

Growth That Matters

We focus on investment strategies that have positive impact on the environment and people. We believe that investment should be both highly profitable and do good at the same time.


We seek to serve as a bridge to investment opportunities that people otherwise could not access as well as a bridge to capital for young and growing companies.

driving innovation

Our strong and collaborative team atmosphere begets innovation and creativity. Using cutting-edge technology, we back change-makers and industry leaders that embody the same.


our impact

Do good, do well, and build a better tomorrow! We believe that strong values and financial success go hand in hand. That's why we invest in businesses tackling critical issues like hunger, clean water, and fair wages, all while holding ourselves – and our partners – to the highest ethical standards. By investing in companies that empower communities and protect our planet, we're building a future that's profitable for everyone. 

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