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KES 25,000,000

Please note that these securities are offered to only a select few investors on a private basis. This offer is not available to the general public. If you wish to know more or get involved, please log-in or contact us and we will be happy to walk you through any of the details.

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FreshCrop Limited is a private company established under the laws of Kenya with incorporation number PVT-BEUA2ED . The company is a newly formed potato seed production company (est. 2019) based in Nakuru, Kenya. The company was formed to provide a solution to farmers within Kenya for quality potato seeds. As it stands, potatoes are the second most consumed crop in Kenya, grown by over 800,000 small holder farms on 158,000 hectares of land, requiring 300,000 tons of of potato seeds per year. Nationally, certified seed production in Kenya currently meets less than 2% of the demand. This lack of access to quality seed and planting materials leads to high disease rates in crops, poor production, low profit margins for farmers and general food insecurity.

FreshCrop's decentralized seed model is aimed at increasing potato breeder seed production and rapid seed multiplication by utilizing apical root cuttings. The company aims to achieve its objectives by establishing hubs for breeder seed in various potato producing zones to provide nearby farmers access to certified seed as well as technical support from the local hub site.

Through the development of these hub sites, FreshCrop will provide the farmers and bulkers access to material, processing, technology, harvesting and distribution of seeds. Additionally, the hub sites will serve as the first phases (similar to a nursery) of development and bulking of potato tissue culture into seed that is ready for mass bulking.