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who we are

Pumapa Capital Limited was founded on the basis that there is limited access to transparent and secure investment opportunities for people in Kenya. Where they exist, information is not readily available and investment requirements can be restrictive for private investors. Over the years, land and property prices in Kenya have increased exponentially making it difficult for investors to get involved in real estate investments. Other sectors that demonstrate high returns do not often consider the impact had on important issues such as the environment, society & human rights and good governance practices.

We respond to these and other challenges while serving as a bridge to investments that people otherwise could not access. We offer exciting and dynamic investment opportunities and products including first-to-market platforms for investors to help them achieve their financial goals while also investing in "Growth that Matters."

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Our vision is to ensure young and mature Kenyans and non-Kenyans alike have a stake in their own futures by seizing financial opportunities that allow them to move up the economic ladder in a way that builds communities, ensures sustainability and protects the planet.

our mission

We are committed to being catalysts of change. Through innovative collaborations and partnerships, we invest in disruptive ideas that form the foundation of new and/or growing businesses. We endeavor to support their growth and ensure their positive and sustainable economic, social and environmental impact.

our values


We create value for our Company, our employees, the businesses in which we invest and our investors to ensure strong, sustainable and impactful futures for all.


We take action, encourage curiosity and new ideas, make and learn from mistakes, constantly striving to exceed ours and others’ expectations. We look for disruptive ideas and people who are willing to take risks in order to affect change.


We focus on building trust amongst our team,  our investors, and the businesses in which we invest. We are willing to make tough choices to uphold our reputation and promote a positive work culture.

Our Investment Philosophy

We embrace a "Growth that Matters" approach where social, environmental and financial returns are optimized and equally important. We look for investment opportunities that present higher than market-rate returns and are willing to seed new and growing companies that, although may present a higher risk to investors, also show potential for significantly higher returns, as long as they also present opportunities to achieve positive social and environmental impacts.

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