Pumapa Portfolio Series 1

In Kenya, as is the case with many other places in the world, capital markets are conspicuously underdeveloped and inaccessible for most. Companies, especially newer companies hoping to access these capital markets, are typically left out and find it very difficult, if not impossible, to raise capital in order to grow their businesses. What little is invested into these markets, is mercilessly recycled between ultra conservative, low yielding investments, such as government treasuries, unit trusts, bank deposits and real estate.

While these investments might be viewed as "safe" and they can form part of a good diversified portfolio, they do little to encourage macroeconomic growth and are most notable for their ability to consolidate wealth among an elite few. It is no wonder why these markets, devoid of innovation and characterized by low returns and high barriers to entry, have failed to attract the attention and excitement of the younger generations of investors. Our goal at Pumapa is to remove these barriers for entry by democratizing our investment strategies.

Investment Opportunities

Private Equity
Structured Notes

Pumapa has arrangements with offshore partners that give us access to various structured notes, issued by large, blue-chip banking institutions such as Credit Suisse, BBVA, Société Générale and many more. Please check here for the latest offerings as and when they become available.

  • Société Générale: Banking Stocks Phoenix Memory Autocall (Closed)
  • BBVA Global Markets: Diversified US Large Cap Quarterly Memory Phoenix Autocall (Closed)
  • BBVA Global Markets: Base Index Phoenix Memory Autocall (Closed)
Commercial Paper
  • Storage Central
  • Coming Soon...
Fixed Income
  • Kenyan Money Market Fund 1
  • Kenyan Money Market Fund 2
  • Gold (Coming Soon)
  • Silver (Coming Soon)
  • Platinum (Coming Soon)
  • Timber (Coming Soon)
  • Alternative Energy Storage (Coming Soon)
Real Estate

Pumapa is developing large-scale, low-income housing projects that will allow investors to get involved at an early stage in order to support the low-income sector on their journey to home ownership.

  • Utawala, Embakasi: 100 Unit Low-Income Housing Development (Coming Soon)

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How we make it work

Digital integrated strategies

Pumapa plans to utilize digital technology which will be a key way we will roll-out our product offerings to investors. This is the next generation of global investment and an innovative step towards providing an alternative securities exchange that is more efficient, promotes investment globally and engages investors from all walks of life. Check back here soon to learn more about these strategies as they develop.