USD 1,600,000

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Storage Central Holdings

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Port Louis, Mauritius

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Venture Capital




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Company Stage

Early Stage

As with any new company, there are challenges that a business will face when establishing itself in an industry. These challenges include a lack of team experience and depth, a lack of funding, a lack of knowledge when establishing a new company (i.e. corporate governance and regulation requirements) and a general desire for the entrepreneur to see the business through to the point that it is profitable and self-sufficient.

The company will be working with market professionals to assist it in establishing key areas to manage and ensure the long-term success of the business. These areas include getting access to capital, access to technology, corporate governance documents and strong corporate infrastructure. This will help the company establish a strong foundation for growth and expansion of the company.

Geographic Market

East Africa

RMM Builds offers its products and services in Kenya with a view to expand to other countries in Africa and South America. With Africa having 65% of the worlds arable land, RMM Builds will be using renewable and sustainable materials made from agricultural waste in order to be at the cutting edge of construction technologies.

Competitive Environment

Blue Ocean

Kenya has traditionally and continues to rely on brick and mortar for construction. The introduction of alternative building materials and methodologies has in large part been ignored by the formal construction industry. Large scale informal construction and development remains prevalent, however, quality and assurance in these buildings is greatly compromised. Competitors in the pre-fabricated construction sector are still new and are still developing their costing models in order to make them competitive.

RMM Builds approach has been to minimize overheads, manage wastage, deliver quality and ultimately, be transparent with their clients. The construction industry in Kenya has been blighted by theft, lack of payment, poor time keeping, a lack of transparency with clients, substitution of materials, overcharging and negligence. RMM Builds a contracting firm that will not only tackle these challenges, but also change the way the market does things.


RMM Builds' mission is to provide an all-encompassing, one-stop point for development partners and investors, from brief to build.


RMM Builds' vision is to be the frontier contractor for pre-fabricated building solutions and to cater to low-income communities.

About RMM Builds

RMM Builds Limited is a construction company focused on delivering the highest quality, cost-effective construction projects on the market. Established in 2019, RMM Builds is dedicated to working with people who would otherwise be overlooked. Although the company works with clients across all sectors - commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure - the company's primary focus is to provide housing solutions for younger populations and the low-income earners.

Of the 300,000 housing units needed every year (on top of an existing deficit of 2,000,000 units), developers, builders and the government have largely neglected the low-income sector. 50,000 formal residential units are built every year in Kenya, of which a paltry 1,000 units (or 2%) are for the low-income sector. 56% of Kenya's urban population live in slums, creating a large unmet demand for formal low-income housing. Urban slums housing are built informally and often times lack water, electricity, sewage, toilets, showers and other basic amenities, creating incubators for disease transmission and kindling for fire.

The goal at RMM Builds is to be a leader in Kenya to meet this challenge, ensuring that people live with dignity and can achieve their dreams of home ownership, setting them on a path towards financial stability and a more secure future. RMM Builds has a dedicated team of people as well as the design and build technologies needed to achieve this goal. The company aspires to be able to deliver 50,000 low-income housing units per year.

Some of RMM Builds Projects

Use of Funds

RMM Builds will be using the funds in the following manner:

  • To fund the development of the company
  • To investigate additional resources and investment opportunities
  • For the company's general working capital requirements

Key activities pertaining to the development of RMM Builds include the following:


RMM Builds is establishing relationships with various parties including the following:

  • Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Architects, Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers
  • Developers, Investors and Non-Profit Organizations

RMM Builds intends to have a fully equipped operating facility including a workshop and warehousing.


RMM Builds intends to invest in the following technology to assist the company in its operations and management:

  • Architectural software
  • Construction management software
  • Project management software
  • Project costing software
  • Electronic accounting software
  • Client relationship management software
Equipment and Tools

RMM Builds will invest in multiple areas of equipment and tools that are needed on construction sites, including but not limited to compacting machines, generators, cement mixers, power tools, air compressors, safety equipment and heavy machinery.

Nick Mwai


Cameron Rush


Joyce Kariuki





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RMM Builds Limited



KES 30,000,000

KES 500,000

Class B Shares (Special Rights)



KES 100,000,000


Transferrable Securities

Private Offer


Variable - Target of 5X / 5 Years

Variable - Target of 15.00% p.a.



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