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Private equity is an alternative investment class where privately held companies raise capital through the sale of their shares. Companies raising capital through this mechanism are not listed on any stock exchange.

There are several categories of private equity that investors can invest in. These include angel investing (where investors get involved at the start-up phase of a business and believe in the vision of the entrepreneur), venture capital (when investors see a clear revenue path, vision and expertise, despite the company still being young), and growth capital (where you have a proven revenue model and can demonstrate profitability and simply lack an ability to expand).

We not only provide capital, but we also advise companies on how to start a capital raise and what the steps required to become investment ready.

Risk Profile

The risk profile helps you determine the risk/reward element of the investment. In this case, investing in Private Equity means that there is a high possibility that part or all of your investment may be lost. However, it is in this category that investors can make significant wealth gains which may lead to financial independence and stability long-term.

Note: It is recommended that investors diversify their portfolios and seek professional advice before investing in securities.

Low Risk
High Risk


  • Wealth Building
  • High Growth Potential
  • Inflation Protection
  • Impact


  • Loss of Capital
  • Low Recourse
  • Liquidity
  • Perpetual

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